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International Parliament Engagement Network

The Centre for Democratic Engagement and the UK House of Commons have joined forces to develop a network of academics and practitioners across the world, to critically examine public engagement with parliament: the International Parliament Engagement Network (IPEN)

The IPEN network is inclusive of experts from a range of backgrounds and international perspectives, provides a space to share best (and worst!) practice, communicates research findings, and encourages collaboration between academics and practitioners.

The network derives from a workshop we had planned to take place in April 2020. The workshop had to be postponed due to covid-19, but since then the network was launched online, to support the sharing of experiences between members of the network. IPEN includes members from over 30 countries spanning 6 continents from parliamentary officials, academia to third sector organisations.

The IPEN's online home is held on Microsoft Teams. This is used to discuss and share experiences and research, as well as to host online seminars. You can find out more about IPEN through its website, which includes an overview of IPEN's activities and where you can also sign up to IPEN's newsletter.

Whether you just want to sign up to IPEN's newsletter, or to join the network,  just get in touch - you'll find all of the relevant contact details here.