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Research seminar | Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe

Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe, a new addition to the CDP, will present his research as part of the CDP's ongoing seminar...

Legislative Institutionalisation and Openness in Presidential Systems: the Case of Mexico

Dr Khemvirg Puente Martínez will give a talk about his paper titled 'Legislative Institutionalisation and Openness in Presidential Systems: the Case of Mexico.'

Book talk | Lord Norton

Lord Norton, a leading expert on Parliament and constitutional affairs, will hold a talk about his new book titled "The 1922 Committee: Power Behind the Scenes."

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Redefining Environmental Activism in Indonesia through Progressive Rock 

  This blog by Eva Wishanti explores themes of political expression in Indonesia through an emerging unconventional art form, progressive rock. This acts as a...

The fight for the souls of Labour and the Conservatives

    Blair’s jettisoning of the Labour Party’s Clause IV in 1995 marked his commitment to constructing an updated, left of centre, political consensus. His...

Social Media and the Subscription Subject

Paul Geyer There is a burgeoning element of social media: subscription services. One might assume that Elon Musk’s announcement of “Twitter Blue” was the spark...

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Jonathan Dean | An Appreciation

Jonathan was dear to his colleagues in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the University of Leeds, where he worked from 2010....

Pivotal moment as global warming threatens the Earth system

Climate change is pushing the world towards a series of “tipping points” which will see rapid and irreversible change across the natural and social worlds, say a group of leading experts.

Dr Viktoria Spaiser and Susan Ann Samuel are members of the University's COP28 delegation team

Dr Viktoria Spaiser and her PhD student Susan Ann Samuel are both attending this year's COP28 as part of the University of Leeds COP28 delegation....

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