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Through this module, postgraduate students have sustained, direct professional contact with the city and wider region of Leeds, delivering an active, research-based project in partnership with a local organisation.

Teams of five students drawn from different disciplines will work together on a project theme set by a political, cultural or third-sector organisation based in Leeds. The work will be current, challenging, and address the controversies and needs of modern cities. Students will negotiate and co-articulate a ‘project brief’ with the organisation, and then work to adapt the brief to their research skills and interests.

The outputs are intended to benefit the partner organisation and the wider city of Leeds in whatever forms they take. They may be political, economic or cultural research projects, a consultancy report, data analysis, a policy brief, an artistic intervention or exhibitions, an online resources or another form of survey, commentary, research project or analysis, which will be useful to the organisation and the wider civic community.

The module will be taught through 2-hour workshops and small group tutorials to support the projects over the entire academic year. Much of the time will be spent doing fieldwork with the organisation in your project team.   Specialist training and support in project management and collaboration skills will be offered throughout the year, alongside dedicated support from a tutor.

The module carries 30 credits over both semesters and will be assessed in a reflective log (20% individual), a shared project portfolio mark (50% group) and Project Showcase (30%, Individual).